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David Greenwell Is The Candidate Committed To Bringing Jobs to OKC

“We can improve Oklahoma City’s economy with leadership committed to job growth.”

In a tough economy, we need leaders on the City Council who are committed to real job growth in Oklahoma City.


In the race for City Council in Ward 5, that candidate is David Greenwell. 

A lifelong resident of South OKC, David has 40 years experience helping businesses grow and succeed. David Greenwell knows what we need to do to create jobs.

A successful businessman who understands the importance of a strong economy and real job growth, David Greenwell will make bringing good jobs to South Oklahoma City a top priority.

The Greenwell Jobs Plan
 Making economic growth a priority

 Advocating policies to encourage private sector growth

 Creating a job friendly business climate to compete against other cities and other states

 Eliminating burdensome regulations that hinder job growth


David Greenwell has been a leader in improving our streets.

“Improving our streets and traffic flow helps make travel safer and gives us more time with our families.  I will continue to advocate for improving the quality of roads, street signage and making certain South Oklahoma City continues to improve in this area.”

Since 2015 (when the state and most local governments were forced to curtail spending) David Greenwell was able to oversee more than $12 million of projects in Ward 5 related to arterial street resurfacings, park improvements, residential improvements, sidewalks and traffic signalization in Ward 5.

The Greenwell Streets Plan
 Fully implement the recent Better Streets, Safer City program

 Address neighborhood concerns about needs for traffic signs and traffic signals

 Continue to work with county and state government levels to address the street needs of Ward 5 residents

 Protect and safeguard Ward 5 projects targeted by the voter passed bond issues

South Oklahoma City


David Greenwell Understands South Oklahoma City

“With lifelong ties to South Oklahoma City is a great place to live and raise a family. As your City Councilman, I will focus my efforts on keeping our community safe and preserving what is special about the neighborhoods we call home.”

A Lifelong Resident Of South Oklahoma City

With lifelong ties to South Oklahoma City, David Greenwell understands the needs of our community.


David and his wife raised their family in South Oklahoma City and have a long record of civic involvement in our community.


It’s that kind of connection to our community that we need from our next City Councilman.


David understands the sense of community in South Oklahoma City and is committed to protecting and preserving what makes our community special.

Safe Communities


Committed to Keeping Our Community SAFE

Nothing is more important than keeping our community safe. As our City Councilman, David will make keeping the neighborhoods of South Oklahoma City a top priority because when it comes to public safety there can be no excuses.

With your support in the upcoming election, David will ensure that South Oklahoma City has the police and fire resources we need. By working together with police and firefighters, we can reduce response times, increase police patrols, and lower crime in our community.

The Greenwell Community Safety Plan

➤ Reduce response times

 Increase police patrols

 Lower crime in South Oklahoma City